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    Business and Your Government - Lesson and Activity


    This lesson teaches students about the role of government in business. First, use the Discussion Guide (found in Task 1) to teach students about this concept. Then, use the activity (found in Task 3) to assess their understanding. This activity allows students to understand the impact of government in a real-world business scenario. A full lesson module related to this concept can be found on the MBA Learning Center. Visit and search for "EC:008" in the Commons. 

    Discuss the role of government in business as a class.

    Use the attached discussion guide to lead the class in a lesson about the role of government in business.

    Learn about the role of government in business.


    Instruct students to go online to find a recent (from the past one to two years) article related to government regulation of industry.

    Government takes on many roles in response to consumer demand for the regulation of business. Examples of this may be found every day in articles online. Using the Internet, find a recent (from the past one to two years) article related to government regulation of industry.


    Distribute the handout and instruct students to answer the questions using the research they completed. 

    Answer the questions that follow using your research. 

        1.  What is the situation presented in the article?


        2.  What industry is involved?


        3.  What regulatory agency is involved?


        4.  Why is the regulatory agency involved?


        5.  What regulations are being violated?


        6.  What group is the regulatory agency protecting?


        7.  How does the industry defend its position?


        8.  How does the government defend its position?


        9.  Why do you feel the government should or should not regulate this industry?


      10.  If the decision were yours, how would you solve this situation?