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Global Business Project (Cengage)

Global Business Project (Cengage)


Student and Teacher Project files for Global Business Project from Cengage, Principles of Business

Student Files

Student Files for Global Business Project.

Cengage Global Business Project files for Students and Teachers from Principles of Business

Teacher suggestions and student files for Global Business Project. 



  • Explore the economic environment of another country.
  • Research the cultural impact on a nation’s business environment.
  • Identify political factors affecting the business activities in a foreign country.
  • Analyze trade barriers that may affect international business activities.
  • Select an organization type that would be most appropriate for an international business setting.
  • Outline a business plan for a global entrepreneurial enterprise.
  • Identify leadership traits and managerial skills needed when doing business in other countries.
  • Research needed training and skills for working in various international settings.
  • Prepare a resume, cover letter, and answers to interview questions for an international business employment opportunity.
  • Identify international marketing activities.
  • Explore technology uses of business in varied global settings.
  • List income sources, operating expenses, and financing sources for international business operations.
  • Analyze risks faced by companies involved in international business.
  • Identify consumer buying habits in various cultures.
  • Research common financial institutions in other countries.
  • Explore cultural attitudes toward the use of credit.
  • Analyze the investment environment of a foreign country.
  • Create a global risk management plan and recommend insurance coverage.