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Nike Got it Right, Just Do It: A Call to Encourage New Wellness Opportunities

Nike Got it Right, Just Do It:  A Call to Encourage  New Wellness Opportunities


Children who grow up in urban environments face unique challenges in accessing quality of life opportunities.  These barriers can be financial, logistical, systemically impacted by racism and simply due to a lack of access.  Nike Got it Right seeks to encourage youth to become active, potentially outside of their comfort zones and/or get involved in wellness activities that may be new to their cultural background.



While this resource focuses on teachers and students exploring The Milwaukee Rowing Club’s urban initiative known as Stem to Stearn, the author wishes to acknowledge and affirm the idea of teachers intentionally seeking wellness opportunities for their students that will stretch them beyond their comfort zones and/or introduce them to wellness activities that may be new to their cultural backgrounds.  As it pertains to large urban communities, these wellness activities are being defined as new greenspace opportunities such as letterboxing, ball/court games such as pickleball  and water-based activities such as sailing, kayaking, and rowing.


Teachers should use these websites to introduce students to the Milwaukee Rowing Club's (MRC) urban initiative Stem to Stern.  

Have each student create an artist rendering of what they believe they will experience (or what they know about ) the sport of rowing.

Have students share their drawings aloud, perhpas even creating a bulletin board or some other visual representation of what they believe they are about to experience.

Whether individually or in small groups, have students do some pre-visit research about the MRC and the sport of rowing.  Students should share their findings with their classmates.

After sharing the artist renderings and pre-visit research, teacher should lead the class in developing questions that they will then ask members of the MRC upon their tour and visit.

Having made connections with the MRC, prepare to take students to the MRC location for their rowing experience.Be sure to capture the experience on film if possible.

Upon completion of the experience, have students obtain their notebooks to now complete a post experience artist rendering of the rowing experience.  Share aloud, create a bulletin board or other visual repreentation. 

Armed with a notebook for each participant, Nike Got it Right requires that teachers simply do their homework to intentionally find wellness activities that will stretch their students beyond their comfort zone and/or introduce them to activities that may be new to their cultural backgrounds.  In addition to the ideas presented above, these activities could include, and are certainly not limited to, the following list:

For able-bodied students, experiencing wheel chair sports

For city kids, experiencing a day in the life of a farmer/collaborations with FFA (Future Farmers of America)

For Caucasian kids, a day with the Ko Thi Dance group

For all “American” students, attending and participating in an Indigenous Pow Wow

The list is truly endless; the key is the intentional effort of the teacher to Connect.Explore.Engage