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Environmental Literacy and Sustainability
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Biodiversity Unit


2-week unit with activities for Biodiversity Unit within Introduction to Environmental Studies college class.

Biodiversity unit


Teaching Context:

ENV 201: Introduction to Environmental Studies


Timeframe: 1 week of semester length class


Audience: college undergraduates


Biodiversity unit


University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Jan Wellik, EdD         Email:

Current Status of Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Preparation:

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability are the heart of this course. The course serves as a core class in the Environmental Studies minor, but it is open to all majors and minors. It fulfills a Gen Ed course requirement. I focus on several main content areas for a breadth of experience related to global and local environmental issues: water, waste, biodiversity, consumerism, climate change and environmental art.

Evidence of Need:

With the transition to online learning, I have adapted my face to face class to online and hybrid flex learning. I wanted to add more multimedia dimensions to the course material.

Evidence of Success:

Upon completion of this Biodiversity unit within ENV 201, students will achieve the following learning objectives:

By studying your ecological footprint, identify and interpret how your own actions impact environmental issues related to biodiversity.

Actively participate in the class Eco Challenge and assess how your lifestyle choices impact biodiversity.





Action plan to revise, improve, or integrate inquiry-based environmental education:


                                                                 Module/Topic: Biodiversity

Module-Level Learning Objectives

Assessment Strategy


By studying your own ecological footprint, identify and interpret how your individual actions impact environmental issues related to biodiversity.


Actively participate in the class Eco Challenge and assess how your own lifestyle choices impact biodiversity.


Students will determine their own Ecological Footprint via

and write a detailed Reading Response.


Students will participate in the Eco Challenge: and analyze their experience in the Discussion Forum.


Students will read an article about forest bathing and then complete a solo Forest Bathing fieldtrip, followed by a guided journal prompt.


  • Reading provided about biodiversity and ecological footprints.
  • Students complete online questionnaire:
  • Students write 2-page Reading Response and submit online.
  • Students participate in 2-week Eco Challenge:
  • Students analyze and discuss their experiences with the Eco Challenge in online Discussion Forum and respond to peers.
  • Reading provided about Forest Bathing.
  • Students complete their own solo Forest Bathing Fieldtrip with instructor guidance and write journal entry about the experience.



In what ways will you address Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Standards Addressed?

ELS.C1.A: Perspective

ELS.C1.B: Sense of Place

ELS.EX5.A: Decision Making

ELS.EX5.C: Cultural Systems

ELS.EN7.A: Inquiry & Investigation

ELS.EN7.B: Design & Implementation

ELS.EN7.C: Evaluation & Reflection