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Business and Information Technology, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
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    Education Standards

    BM&IT Quality Module: The Sequencing And Articulation Module.

    BM&IT Quality Module: The Sequencing And Articulation Module.


    Welcome to one of 12 Business, Marketing and Information Technology Quality Modules! The purpose of these modules is to illustrate quality examples of each of the 2018 ACTE Quality CTE Framework elements. Regardless if you are in a pre-service education program or an experienced educator, these modules will benefit your future and business & marketing program.

    The Sequencing and Articulation module addresses the key components of the definition of a program of study and the articulation, coordination and collaboration that support programs of study, career pathways and accelerated learning

    B. Scope And Sequence


    This section explains the planning and layout of building a program that offers a wide range of classes, as well as depth into each of the areas.  The sequencing of courses allows for continued skill growth and application, so students apply what they are learning to work world experiences.  In this video 3 documents were shared with how River Falls High School is using sequencing and scope of courses to have a Business Management Associate's Degree embedded within the Business Department coursework.  The 3 documents shared will display the layout of the program and progression of courses that students are required to complete.

    • RFHS Business Management Snapshot - This document provides an overview of our partnership with CVTC in providing students with an opportunity to earn a Business Management Associate's Degree.  It gives an overview of the required classes.
    • RF business Management Associate’s Full Layout - This document provides the full layout of the Business Management Associate's degree as you progress from year to year.  It incorporates in other coursework necessary to achieve the necessary credits and knowledge for success.  We have a blended approach where the classes with a (TC) next to them are taught by River Falls Instructors, and the other are taught by CVTC instructors.
    • AP Course Information For Business Management Degree - This document displays the various options students can pursue to earn the necessary credits in the program.  They provide students with alternative pathways for the degree that may save them time and money.

    D. Program Leads to Certifications, Degrees And Capstone Opportunities


    This section explains the opportunities for students to expand their learning experience to outside the classroom and gain professional experience before graduation.  The section covers the importance of offering multiple capstone options to allow for application and creativity.  In this video 3 documents are shared that showcase the various capstone opportunities students at River Falls High School have as they progress through the Business program.  Providing opportunities for students to develop their career ready skills through Industry Certifications, Work-Based Learning and capstone opportunities. 

    • 20 - BIT RFHS - This document provides an overview of the various certifications and credits that students can achieve within our business program.  
    • Wiley’s Common Grounds - Business Plan - A specific project to our school that has led to a wide range of opportunities for students is our Student Led Enterprise - Wiley’s Common Grounds.  This on campus Coffee Shop provides an area for students to get working hours, certifications, and potentially find areas to conduct a capstone project.
    • River Falls High School Work-Based Learning - This document provides insight into our process of how students can sign up for Work Based Learning and the various opportunities we provide that stem from Work-Based Learning.  Students begin with our Employability Skills class (taught within our Business Department) and then stem into different opportunities.

    F. Articulation


    This section explains the articulation options and career pathways that are continously being reviewed to provide many options for students to experience career and post-secondary offerings prior to graduation.  The section showcases the importance of having a broad scope within our Business and Technology department in order to provide opportunities for all.  The document shared in this video shows a large picture of our dual enrollment offerings at River Falls High School.  We have found a way to not only offer the Business Management Associate's Degree, but also offer other transcripted credits that would lead to different pathways in other areas such as Technology and Finance.

    • 2020-2021 Academic & Career Planning Guide - This document is what students utilize to select their courses for the next year.  It is also a resource for parents and community to see what is being offered and the different pathways students have available at the High School

    G. Collaborating And Partnering With Post-Secondary


    This section explains our partnership and growth with our local Technical College to provide continued advancements within our Business program.  Within this video there are 3 documents that are shared that explain our partnership and growth with our local Technical College to provide continued advancements within our Business program.  The documents will explain how we partner, and what expectations are in order to have a successful partnership where continued improvements and analysis happen.

    • Microsoft Office - Syllabus - Kris Thompson - This document is an example syllabus that we utilize for our Transcripted Credit courses.  The syllabus calls out specifically that the course is in partnership with CVTC and the course competencies are a one to one match with CVTC’s course.
    • River Falls High School - Instructor Onboarding - This document is an example of laying the groundwork and framework for CVTC instructors to come into our school and teach our students.  Having the same set of standards and rules within the classroom are important to maintaining a high quality program, as well as setting up outside instructors for success.
    • FAQ - River Falls Management Academy - Orientation - This document is used with students, parents and community members to help answer any questions they may have in regards to our partnership with CVTC and the Business Management Associate's Degree.  This has key information in regards to costs for students, books and commitment.