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Career and Technical Education
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Middle School
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    Education Standards

    Job Shadow Day



    Date of Job Shadowing Experience: Occupation/Profession being shadowed: Name of person being shadowed: Place of employment being shadowed: Years employed in occupation: Years/months employed in current job: What does your company do? What is your job title? What skills are needed to do your job? How did your education help prepare you for your job? Did your company do any additional training for you to perform this job? How did you get your job? What process was involved (testing, interview...)? What personality traits and attitudes are important? What related jobs did you have before this job? What is your work schedule (flexible, nights, specific hours...)?

    Job Shadow

    Example of parent letter: 

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    During the months of March and April, the eighth-grade class will be participating in a Job Shadowing Unit. The final project will be the opportunity for your daughter/son to spend a day on a job site, “shadowing” a worker. This will be a valuable experience as students begin to set career and educational goals. We need your assistance for this to happen. As part of their project plan, they will be expected to:

    *identify several life goals *plan a schedule of activities with the business they wish to visit *summarize and evaluate their experience

    Please discuss this project with your eighth grader and help her/him to make plans that will contribute to a valuable experience. Several options are available. Your daughter/son may choose to “shadow” you on your job site, choose another job site to “shadow”, or do an extensive search of career information if the “shadowing” experience is unworkable. As the project unfolds, you will be informed of the details.

    Select a job of interest that you may like to pursue in your future.