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Process of Science Companion Vol. 1 – Scientific Writing Manual
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This Scientific Writing Manual guides students through the process of writing a college-level lab report, poster presentation, and other assignments specific to the UW-Madison Biocore program. This is the first component of what will soon be a three-part textbook called The Process of Science Companion.
(Please stay tuned for the expanded and updated textbook link once the statistics primer and additional resources are also complete!)

Because students are often able to learn about genre conventions more effectively when they have models to refer to, Dr. Batzli and Dr. Harris also include annotated examples of strong student writing. They also provide models of weak hypotheses, titles, and other forms of writing and outline how to make them stronger.

Excerpts from this writing manual may be of use to students in courses outside of UW-Madison Biocore program. The assignment descriptions and rubrics may be useful for instructors who are looking for materials to adapt to their own teaching contexts.

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Janet Batzli
Michelle Harris
Uw-madison Biocore Program
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