The Iditarod-Google Tour Builder

Iditarod Google Tour Builder Project Prompt

Google Tour Builder is a way to show the Iditarod race checkpoints and the experiences mushers have along the way using Google Earth. It lets you pick the locations right on the map, add in photos, text, and video, and then share your creation.


As students proceed through the tour, it is important for them to note observations, facts about the landmarks, locations and mushers. This document gives the user a way to accomplish these objectives.


The educator can use this as a non-graded, formative assessment to look for patterns in student learning. Perhaps it will become evident that students did not see details as expected, or they have misunderstandings. 

You could also use this as a graded, formative assessment by scoring the rubric that is included in the document.


On the day of the Google Tour, teachers need to do the following:

~Make sure each student has their login information.

~Cue up a Google Tour example provided on the site. The example only serves as a support for students.

~Provide time for students to explore Google Tour Builder. Allow for 10 minutes to pass and be sure to remind students to discuss observations and questions that they may have about Google Tour Builder. Lead a follow up discussion on things that they found within the Google Tour.

~Deploy the Iditarod Google Tour Builder Project Prompt and explain procedural expectations (see "Useful Files").

~At the conclusion of the expedition, ask students to summarize thoughts with types of non-recall questions.

Differentiation Strategies

CONTENT: Teachers can differentiate the content by assigning checkpoints they feel are appropriate for the students. 

PROCESS: Teachers can differentiate the process by tweaking the "Iditarod Google Tour Builder Project Prompt".  Teacher will be available to provide support for student needs.

PRODUCT: Teachers can differentiate the product by asking students to produce different products of understanding. For example, some students can choose the same musher but select six different checkpoints to tour. Students could also choose to go beyond listed expectations.

Useful Files

Iditarod Book Resources

Iditarod Google Tour Builder Project Prompt

Musher Research Packet

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