Basics of Polynomials


This lesson is an introductory interactive Pear Deck for the Basics of Polynomials.  Students will learn all essential vocabulary, writing polynomials in standard form and naming polynomials by degree and term.  They will be engaged in the interactive Pear Deck that asks them to provide their own responses to questions throughout the activity.


  • Before the lesson, the teacher should prepare to present the Pear Deck presentation through Google Slides by following the direction sheet attached below.
  • The teacher should start the Pear Deck presentation.  Students should use their devices to go to the Pear Deck join page and type in the code.  
  • Once all students are in the presentation, the teacher has two options on how to proceed.  
    • Option 1: The teacher can set the pace of the lesson and proceed through the slides with the entire class.  As students answer the interactive questions, the teacher reviews the class responses and goes over the correct responses. 
    • Option 2:  The teacher can allow the students to proceed through the slides at their own pace.  The teacher can then check for understanding and monitor the student responses around the classroom as they work.  At the conclusion of  the slides, the teacher should discuss the vocabulary and naming of the polynomials.
  • Students should record the pertinent information on their note sheet for future reference.


The teacher could use the note sheet as a formative assessment to  assign a formative assignment worksheet or textbook assignment to allow the students to practice.  The Kahoot in the useful resources below would also be a viable formative assessment to see the students' understanding and misconceptions.

A summative assessment could be students creating a Polynomials in 60 Seconds video.  Students would explain the vocabulary in relation to their chosen polynomial.

Differentiation Strategies

Teachers can differentiate the content by deleting or adding slides to the Pear Deck presentation in order to include the content needed.  

Teachers can differentiate the process by choosing the appropriate option for going through the Pear Deck slides for their class from the directions above.  Teachers could also have students work in pairs or in groups to go through the slides and work together to complete the note taking sheet.

Teachers can differentiate the product by providing more structured, completed notes for students.

Useful Resources

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