Supaman Looping (Lesson 5)

Title: Supaman LoopingAuthor: Natasha Verhulst
Grade Level(s): 4Total Time: 30-45 min

Overview / Description:  Students will learn about the contemporary Indigenous artist Supaman and looping tracks.

Learning goals/objectives: Students will appreciate how Indigenous artist Supaman creates music using looping, and create their own song using looping on Soundtrap.

Workplace Readiness Skill: 

    Social Skills   Communication 
x    Teamwork     x    Critical Thinking
 x  Attitude and Initiative    Planning and Organization
   Professionalism x    Media Etiquette

Content Standards:

Wisconsin State Music Standards

  • Create
    • MG1.Cr.6.i: Improvise rhythms and melodies with voice, instruments, and a variety of sound sources to add interest to a song.
    • MG.1.Cr.7.i: Compose short pieces using standard and/or alternative notation to document personal musical ideas.
    • MG.1.Cr.8.i: Identify musical ideas using standard and/or alternative notation through verbal, written, aural, or technological means.
  • Respond
    • MG3.R.6.i: Express musical ideas through verbal, movement, written, or artistic means.
  • Connect
    • MG4.Cn.8.i Describe roles of musicians in various music settings and world cultures.


Learning Activities:

WHO (T=Teacher Focus Lesson; WG=Whole Group\; SM=Small Group; I=Independent)

Learning Activity Task                                                WHO is responsible
for this step?
Approximate time
for task
The teacher will welcome the students and complete their beginning of class duties (attendance, direct students to seat, etc). T1 Min
The teacher will start the lesson by showing the students the music video to Supaman’s song “Why”.T/WG3 Min
When the video is completed, the teacher will ask students to discuss what they noticed in the videos (traditional instruments, the Jingle Dress as an instrument, looping equipment, etc.)WG3-5 Min
The teacher will introduce the artist as Supaman and give some of the information about him from the biography provided, also showing the students his website. T3 Min
The teacher will explain that Supaman is Apsaalooke Nation and grew up in Crow Agency on the Crow reservation in Montana. The teacher will show this through the multiple maps provided. T3 Min
The teacher will ask students to talk about how the music is being created in this video with a partner (or group if they are already split into groups or pods).   SG 3-5 Min
 The teacher will facilitate a conversation after the students have time to speak with each other. This conversation will lead to the explanation of looping.  WG 3 Min
 The teacher will show the video again for the students to view WG 3 Min
 The teacher will explain to the students that they will be creating their own loop songs using looping equipment.  WG 1 Min
The teacher will set up the students with their groups or on their own and allow students to spread apart in the room to start creating their own loop tracks. The teacher will provide various equipment for the students to record and use for their project.  (students may need more than one class period to complete their song) WG 20 Min
 Students will share their work with the teacher, class, or group when they have completed their song.  WG/SG 5-10 Min

Assessment: The teacher will listen to student creations as the students present them to their classmates.

Wrap-Up: The teacher will encourage the students to look up more Indigenous artists that use electronic equipment to bring together cultural aspects with current genres of music.

Extension Activity (for intervention or enrichment): Students could continue this project by looking up and finding their own artist. Students could work on another looping song or add to what they already have. 

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