Employability Skills

ACP Lesson Plan 

Title: Job Skills for Workplace SuccessAuthor: Nate Anderson
Subject(s)Special Education 
Grade Level(s): 6 - 12 Total Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Overview / Description:

Each activity is designed to help students identify and understand important job skills needed for success in the workplace.

Learning goals/objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Identify general job skills, attributes, and qualities associated with highly successful employees and undesirable employees.
  • Define and know the difference between life skills, soft skills, career skills, and employability skills.
  • Understand and apply job skills into the workplace.
  • Identify personal job skills strengths and weakness.

Workplace Readiness Skill: 

 x   Social Skills  x  Communication 
 x   Teamwork     x    Critical Thinking
 x  Attitude and Initiative  x  Planning and Organization

Content Standards:

Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model

Personal/Social Domain

Standard E: Students will demonstrate effective decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills.

Career Domain

Standard G: Students will acquire the self-knowledge necessary to make informed career decisions.

Standard H: Students will understand the relationship between educational achievement and career development.

Standard I: Students will employ career management strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction.

Wisconsin Common Career Technical Standards

CD / Career Development

CD1.c.5.m: Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a team setting.

CD2.a.2.m: Describe a diverse range of opportunities available beyond high school.

CD3.a.6.m: Build an ongoing awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests and motivation and determine how these fit with chosen career pathway.

CD4.a.9.h: Use positive work qualities typically desired in each of the career cluster’s pathways.

Download: Appendix_B_Di2REwi.pdf

Learning Activities:

Activity One  - In small groups, have students research each of the 4 skills listed below and complile a list of abilities for each category.

- Teacher lecture and students take notes

- Students define terms using the internet

- Provide students with informational handout and have large group discussion

1. Define “Life Skills” - Abilities that someone needs to get through everyday living.

2. Define “Soft Skills” - Abilities that someone can use in any career. They’re called “soft” because they’re not skills that define someone’s work, like programming or repairing a car engine.

3. Define “Career Skills” - Abilities that keep someone successful in a job or company, especially as a person gets promoted.

4. Define “Employability Skills” - Abilities someone needs to find a job, apply to it, interview for it, and start working.

Information/resources provided by:


Activity Two

1. Write down a job skill that you feel is a personal strength? why?

2. Write down a job skill that you feel is a personal weakness? why?

Create a cover letter for a job you want.  Incorporate your strenght and weakness into your letter.

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