Wequiock Wave Watchers (view)

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Wequiock: Wave Watchers
environment, environmental, inquiry, Inquiry-based Learning, science, outdoor learning, place-based learning, questioning, wonder, technology, waves, sound maps, spectrogram, observation, Environmental Stewardship, habitat, bird study


This series of 5 high-quality, standards-aligned, inquiry-based lessons have been field-tested with the fourth grade students of Wequiock Children's Center for Environmental Science, their teacher, and a community science volunteer . These lessons encourage students to use natural areas around their school as they improve their science and engineering skills. Created as a part of a WISELearn OER Innovation project, Connect, Explore, and Engage: Using the Environment as the Context for Science Learning was a collaboration of the Wequiock Children's Center for Environmental Science and the Wisconsin Green Schools Network. One of the goals of the project was to create standards-aligned lessons that utilize the outdoor spaces of the school . These lessons were created to take place during the winter and spring.