Amazing Race Project Management

Co-op Apprentice

Marketing Standard - Project & Strategic

Amazing Race

Task - To design an Amazing Race for Southwest High School feeder elementary schools. Things to consider:

  • Age range is 4k to 5th grade and their parent (or significant adult)
  • This should take no more than three hours (1:00 - 4:00 p.m.)
  • Everything needs to happen on the Southwest High School property
  • Use different parts of the school (no pool)
  • Think of what activities can happen in each department
  • Create activities that involve both luck and strategy. Avoid any activity that requires excessive strength

Written Document - Performance Indicators

*See purple evaluation form on your computers*

**This is separate from your artifacts**

  • Describe the nature of target marketing in marketing
  • Analyze the impact of specialization/division of labor on productivity
  • Assess risks associated with venture
  • Explain the nature of overhead/operating costs


*Fit the Performance Indicators INTO the artifacts*

**This is a separate document from your Performance Indicators paper**

  • Team leader
  • Create a template for all Amazing Race activities
  • Promotional Poster
  • Breakdown of events for the day
  • Transition clues - Team leader and representatives between the activities
  • Winner prizes (include photo and price per prize)
  • Student team member (use lesson plan format)
  • Activity challenge information
  • Name of activity, room number, and type of activity (from Amazing Race)
  • Route info, roadblock, detour, etc.
  • Anticipated time
  • Description of activity
  • Supplies/props needed
  • Method to show mastery
  • Prizes for finishing the task (include photo and price per prize)
  • Each person will present their own ideas to the judges
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