Investigating Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

ACP Lesson Plan 

Title: Investigating Jobs in the Healthcare IndustryAuthor: Lara J. Nichols
Subject(s)High School Science
Grade Level(s): 10-12Total Time: 3, 45 minute class periods

Overview / Description:  students will begin to collaborate in small groups, to come up with a list of careers within the hospital setting. Lists will be shared out as a class, with each student then choosing one job with which to create a Google slides presentation.

Learning goals/objectives:

After completing this activity, students should be able to . . .

*Work in a small group as well as individually to create a list, followed by a presentation

*Research and compile information in the following areas: 1) The amount of school/ training needed for their chosen job 2) The typical work day for this job, including what hours are worked on shift 3) The current job market for that job, here in NE Wisconsin 4) Pay scale for this job 5) Opportunities for advancement within the career

Workplace Readiness Skill: (place an X in front of all which apply)

  Social Skills   X Communication 
 X  Teamwork     X    Critical Thinking
 X  Attitude and Initiative  X  Planning and Organization
 X  Professionalism    Media Etiquette

Content Standards:

Wisconsin Common Career Technical Standards:

CD3.a: Investigate the world of work in order to gain knowledge of self in order to make informed career decisions. 

CD3.b: Examine and evaluate opportunities that could enhance life and career plans and articulate plan to guide decisions and actions.

EHS1.b: Engage in systems thinking and inquiry processes that identify problems while analyzing the impacts of decisions made now and in the future. 

EHS1.d: Implement personal and jobsite safety rules and regulations to maintain and improve safe and healthful working conditions and environments.

Wisconsin Model Standards for School Counseling: (Career Domain)

Standard G: Students will acquire the self-knowledge necessary to make informed career decisions.

Standard H: Students will understand the relationship between educational achievement and career development.

Materials: Healthcare careers videos from YouTube: (Surgical Technologist); (Job roles for Hospital Administrator); (Radiology Tech Q&A); (Should you become a Physical Therapist Assistant?); (What you NEED to know before deciding to become a nurse); (What is a Medical Laboratory Scientist?); (Paramedics, AEMT & EMT; Differences, Job duties/ Requirements)

 Individual Chromebooks or similar; access to the internet; 

Learning Activities:

WHO (T=Teacher Focus Lesson; WG=Whole Group\; SM=Small Group; I=Independent)

Learning Activity Task                                                WHO is responsible
for this step?
Approximate time
for task
Introduction to Healthcare CareersTeacher10 minutes
Think/ Pair/ Share - a list of possible careers in the healthcare industrySmall Groups10 minutes
Whole Group Discussion: a teacher led discussion regarding the lists
that each group has come up with. Teacher should be prepared to lead
the students into thinking "outside of the box"
Teacher Led10 minutes
FCFS: Students choose a possible career to investigate, from the list, or any other teacher approved job with which to create a Google Slides presentation.Students5 minutes
Student Work Time on PresentationsStudents1 45 min class

Assessment: Following all student presentations, there will be peer review, followed by a grade by the teacher

Wrap-Up: Close out this activity as a means to bounce to lessons from the NIH on emerging and re-emerging diseases & disease control

Extension Activity (for intervention or enrichment): An excellent extension activity would be for the rockstars to schedule a job shadow opportunity at HSHS St. Clare in Oconto Falls (Frieda Stewart: or 920-433-8226)

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