Bio-remediation and Uses of Bacteria


Before you watch the video links below, read through the questions and search online to find the answers. Researching this background info will help you better understand the videos and learn more from them.

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1. What is bioremediation?

2. What are microbes?

Bioremediation of oil spills and Biodegrading:

A.) How long can toxic chemicals (hazardous wastes) exist?

B.)  What benefits are there to using bacteria to clean up toxic wastes?

C.)  What was the purpose of the scientists using “natural selection” to choose the bacteria for cleaning up?

D.) What does it mean to be biodegradable?

E.)  How long does it take for plastic to biodegrade? Oil?

Sewage Treatment:

A.) What is sewage? What is raw sewage?

B.) What do microbes(bacteria) need to treat waste?

C.) Name two drawbacks of using bacteria that need oxygen?

D.) Why do scientists think that Anammox should be used instead?

E.) What else can be produced from sewage?

Other Human Uses of Bacteria

A.) Find one other benefit for humans and/or the environment of using bacteria. Provide a short video segment, graphic, or article to support your answer. 

Readings to support Biological Remediation or Importance of Bacteria:


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