Glossary of WISELearn Resources Review Stamps

This glossary acts as a guide to understanding the different stamps assigned to instructional resources housed on the WISELearn Resources repository. Please note that the repository relies on peer reviews and ratings to determine the overall quality of a resource.


The DPI-Created Stamp is given to a resource that was created by DPI staff. It ensure that the resource adheres to DPI’s mission and vision for education in Wisconsin.


The Trusted National Source Stamp is given to a resource that is created by a national education entity. This collection aligns to Wisconsin’s vision and is a reliable source for information, but individual resources have not all been reviewed.  


The WI Partner-Created Stamp identifies a resource that has been created by a partner of education in Wisconsin. Not all individual resources have been reviewed in this collection.


The Wisconsin-Reviewed Stamp  indicates that a resource has been reviewed by a content-level expert. This level of review ensures that a resource adheres to the vision of exceptional instruction for a particular content area.


The Wisconsin Review Pending Stamp shows that a resource has not yet been reviewed by a content-level expert. Use your own judgment regarding the quality of this resource.


The WI Teacher Created Stamp indicates that a resource was created by a Wisconsin educator.


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