District Hub

One goal of this District Hub is to provide options and features that an district might use to organize resource creations and district member engagement for collaboration.

A hub is like having a home page where you can provide information, guidance, connect various subject groups, for members of your organization.

Audience: K-12

Groups & Members

How do people collaborate, join a hub, and create shared resources? Groups. Join any of the groups below to become a member of this hub. Perks of membership? Stay up-to-date. Central place to get information. A home for like minded subjects and work.

Shared Folders


    Collections are a showcase of what's been created on the site. They are specific to search criteria or topic. You would work with site administrator to add collections to your hub.


    Event Section is really an open page you can enter events that are relevant for your hub members.

    Only hub administrators can add events.

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    Stay Connected

    This section in the administration screen is called a Learn About but we labeled it as Stay Connected.

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    What is a hub? News, Announcement, Posted Message

    You may have landed here by accident or you came here on purpose to learn about what a hub can do for your team.

    Either way, WELCOME!

    This particular message is an example of an announcement, news bite, or a posting. Here are a few features about announcements:

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    • Only hub administrators can make announcements