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Writing a Theme Paper

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This is a 19 day unit plan using the Lucy Calkins framework for writer's workshop.  Lessons are based off of the Reading and Writing Project Units of Study.  This is an 8th grade unit from the Argumentative Writing Unit. Lesson start with an intro to theme including practice lessons with short stories and activities: "The Lie""The Landlady""The Treausre of Lemon Brown"

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Units of Study for Reading - Professional Development

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This professional development was done in preparation for implementation of the Units of Study for Reading at St. Croix Central (K-8).  We met once a month to discuss pertinent chapters in A Guide to the Reading Workshop (Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle School Grades) by Lucy Calkins.  In order to build teacher knowledge and demonstrate parts of a reading workshop, we gave teachers time to read and time to share/collaborate.  The collaboration time gave us insight into how to tailor the Teachers College visit more to what we needed at St. Croix Central.

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Author: Megan Elmhorst