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Education Standards (2)

Animal Science -Lab Safety

Module Overview

Lab safety review concepts:
• How to safely handle flammable materials.
• What to do if a fire erupts.
• How to properly use eye protection.
• What to do if you wear contacts.
• What to do if you do not understand directions in a  lab.
• How to dispose of chemical wastes.
• What to do if you do not finish a lab in time.
• How to heat a substance in a test tube.
• How to pick up hot glass.
• What to do if you are injured.
• What to do before using glassware.
• What to do if you have loose clothing or long hair  during a lab.
• What footwear is appropriate for a lab or outside.
• What to do if a chemical is splashed on your skin or eyes.
• What number to dial in an emergency.
• What to do if you use too much of a chemical.
• What to do if glassware is chipped or cracked.
• When is it ok to be alone in a lab?
• When lab coats, goggle, and gloves are needed.
• What to do if there is broken glass or a spilled chemical.
• How to properly handle department animals.
• How to respond if an animal escapes.
• What to do if you have an injury.
• What to do if someone else has an injury.
• Number for 911
• Where the fire alarms, fire blanket, and fire extinguishers  are located.
• What to do in a tornado
• What to do in a fire
• What to do in a Code Red
• What to do if you have a question about an assignment.
• Where to turn in assignments.
• What to do with money for field trips.