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How Does a Food Product Get To a Customer?
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This lesson will allow students to think about and understand the route that a food service product takes in order to get to the customer from start (customer ordering) to finish (delivery to customer). Students will also brainstorm and research the different departments/specific careers that are needed in order to accomplish this goal of food service distribution. ServSafe will also be explored since we are discussing products that are food related.

Career and Technical Education
Family and Consumer Sciences
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Lead4Change Student Leadership Lessons
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A Leadership Curriculum with a Community Service Framework can help achieve and strengthen SEL and leadership skills necessary in today's world. Whether your group meets virtually, in-person, or a blend of the two, this program is set to go!

How do you find the time and resources to integrate leadership training and community service into the curriculum? With Lead4Change it’s easy!

We understand the choices you have as you try to give your students the best educational leadership experience; which is why all of our materials are aligned to current education standards. The lessons have been used and approved by over 11,000 educators and road-tested by 1.8 Million students since 2012. The lessons in the program have been carefully aligned to the WI State Standards for CCTS. The alignment allows teachers to plan strategically to incorporate the Lead4Change lessons seamlessly into their classroom and expand to meet classroom needs.

We know you don’t want to leave your students' future up to chance. By using the FREE Lead4Change program, you are creating transformation in your students and real change in your community. Your students will remember you, and this experience, for a lifetime!
• Certificates of completion for all students
• Graduation Honor Cords for seniors
• School Certification after 2 years
• Based on leadership principles from the book, 'Taking People with You,' by David Novak
• Full teacher and student lesson plans are accessible on the website
• After completing the lessons and a project, students share their leadership story by entering the Lead4Change Challenge and become eligible for charity and school grants up to $10,000.

This free program integrates into core classes but also fits well for advisory time, CTE classes, association/clubs, and more.

Full teacher and student lesson plans are accessible on the website: Lead4Change.org. This is a free program perfect for advisory time, clubs/associations, CTE classes, and any subject area!

Career and Technical Education
English Language Arts
Family and Consumer Sciences
Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
Social Studies
Speaking and Listening
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