Utilizing MBA Research FREE Resources

How (and why) to use Wisconsin’s FREE MBA Research Resources

Those who teach Marketing Education in Wisconsin are lucky - we have access to free teaching resources through MBA Research.

Free MBA resources:

  • Course guides
  • Programs of study
  • Instructional tools
  • LAPS
  • Rubrics

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MBA Curriculum Builder

Action Briefs

  • A complete listing of industry trends that are currently impacting the workplace
  • Each Action Brief provides information about how the workplace is affected, as well as the classroom implications
  • How to use:
  • Springboard activity to a lesson
  • Turn information into a research activity (great for sub notes)
  • Discussion point for Co-op job sites
  • Activity for students to provide the bridge between classroom and workplace


  • Direct links to great resources and references for business and marketing concepts.
  • Example - ACDC Leadership Channel to teach economics, Banzai to teach personal finance, The Business Professor for videos
  • How to use :
  • Search out videos, simulations, and supplemental content

Course Guides

  • Includes course description, recommended sequence of instruction, instructional objectives, projects and activities, briefings, test items, and resources
  • Digital download
  • Options include:
  • Business and Marketing Essentials
  • Entrepreneurship, Advanced
  • Entrepreneurship, Principles
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Finance, Introduction
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Financial Management
  • Management, Introduction
  • Marketing Applications (Advanced)
  • Marketing Principles
  • Personal Finance
  • (Sports) Grand Slam: Advanced Sport/Event Marketing  
  • (Sports) More Than a Game: Intro Sport/Event Marketing
  • Coming soon - Ethics and ethical decision making

Curriculum Builders

  • Web-based database with access to standards research
  • Process:
  1. Select the career cluster or pathways of interest
  2. Select the curriculum planning level (career, specialist, management, etc)
  3. Select the instructional area of interest
  4. Add, delete, or re-sequence as needed
  5. Run the final report
  • The final report will give you:
  • Detailed, sequenced performance indicators
  • Detailed instructional objectives, by indicators
  • Recommended sources, included texts and web links
  • How to use:
  • Follow the steps
  • Submit to your curriculum office or district office for approval

The Gray Zone

  • Case studies that do not have one right or wrong answer.
  • Great for discussion and problem solving.
  • Each case study is linked to a performance indicator from MBA Research’s national standards and presents students with an ethical dilemma in business to resolve.
  • How to use:
  • Activity to align with content area
  • Discussion with Co-op students about similar events in job situations
  • Create an assignment where students write their own Gray Zone case study

Program of Study Kits

  • Kits for: Business Management and Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing
  • How to use:
  • Design curriculum
  • Align curriculum and information with pathways

Performance-Based Rubrics

  • Each content area provides three different rubrics
  • Rubrics include behavioral anchors (for assessment and instruction)
  • Recommended for performance-oriented programs
  • How to use:
  • Differentiate instruction by breaking the class into three different groups and provide a different rubric per group
  • For standards based schools, use behavioral anchors as peer or formative feedback

LAP Learning Modules (LAP stands for Leadership, Attitude, Performance)

  • Standards-based with learning objectives, individual and group activities, ready-to-use assessments, customizable discussion guides, PowerPoint presentations that can be edited, videos and links, and case studies
  • Why use? Save time, provides comprehensive lesson plan, promotes differentiation, facilitates student engagement
  • Approximately 50 LAPS available to download for free
  • New LAPS were added to specifically target 9th grade students (content - leadership)
  • How to use:
  • Build lesson plans and activities
  • Supplement current activities
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